About Us

We are a global Venture Capital and Growth Equity fund investing in fast-growing companies with differentiated technologies across North America, Europe and Israel

Redline’s funds originate from Mr. Vladimir Evtushenkov, the majority shareholder and principal founder of Sistema, listed on the London Stock Exchange. Sistema is one of Russia’s largest publicly listed investment companies and has been investing in various technology segments for over twenty years

Sistema is the majority shareholder of Mobile TeleSystems (MTS), listed on the NYSE. MTS is the leading telecommunications group in Russia, Central and Eastern Europe, offering mobile and fixed voice, broadband, pay TV as well as content and entertainment services. MTS services over 100 million mobile subscribers. In addition, through its many portfolio companies Sistema also holds leading positions in a range of other sectors, including Media, Radio, Security, Microelectronics, Healthcare, Retail, Pharmaceuticals, and Transportation. Sistema has a long history of strategic partnerships with global companies such as Deutsche Telekom, Allianz and Philips

Redline is looking to back strong management teams, to buy into their vision and strategy, and lend its support through all stages of their development

Our Investment Focus

Security and Data

Enterprise Software

Internet and Cloud

FinTech and eCommerce

AI and Robotics

Life Science Technologies