vArmour transforms how organisations protect their virtual and cloud assets in a multi-cloud world

vArmour is the leader in application-aware micro-segmentation with advanced security analytics. The company is disrupting the security ecosystem by delivering the industry’s first distributed security solution to prevent, detect and remediate laterally-moving advanced persistent threats (APT) in enterprise cloud environments

With its patented software, the vArmour DSS Distributed Security System micro-segments each application and asset – from healthcare to financial records – by wrapping protection around every workload – and something that cannot be done with many of the existing security tools on the market today

vArmour is enabling organisations to take advantage of consumption-based IT economics being led by Amazon, Google, and Microsoft that disrupts traditional hardware-centric pricing models. vArmour DSS is deployed in enterprises across the globe, including many of the world’s largest banks, telecom service providers, government agencies, healthcare providers, and retailers

With vArmour DSS, organisations can deploy application-aware micro-segmentation in three steps and in less than thirty minutes. These easy-to-use controls are integrated with vArmour’s application-layer analytics so organisations can quickly and easily see and stop advanced attackers, significantly reducing the impact and cost of enterprise data breaches.

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